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I am a Bahamian, a black man whose real education began with studying Afro-American-Caribbean History, and then it was further enrichened while living in seven countries of the world. In both America and Switzerland, I have children who are extremely close to my heart: I am madly in love with them. For about two decades I have taught American and British English in Bern and Zurich and have served as a licensed English expert for the past six years with TELC. I love music, reading, writing, research, and do respect and appreciate all forms of art and diversity. There is a time and a place for everything under the sun. Nevertheless, I have and do continue to stand poised yet moving forward like the venomous Hook-nose Sea Snake not only in words or at social events, but actively working against racial discrimination and bigotry in Switzerland, America, Great Britain and across the globe.

I ask you to please join me in protesting recent blatant racism in a local Swiss classroom. Peace and blessing.

Stop Racism at Bern’s FMS Lerbermatt

I am the father of a black daughter that was abused in school. All Black and conscious people of color are strongly urged to support banning the use of racist language in classrooms at FMS Lerbermatt, and within the entire Swiss Education System. We must now hold both a history teacher and the headmaster accountable for the use of N---er, a vulgar word, instead of the N-word repeatedly in a classroom on 26 February 2021; such usage was reprehensible as it degraded 3 black students in a class comprised of 15 whites and an Indian, under the pretext of teaching the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

Gulfrey Clarke, Bern, Switzerland



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