The Bylaws of the Archive Association

«Black Switzerland Online Archive»

1. Name, Headquarters and Purpose

Art. 1 Name and Headquarters

  1. Under the name Black Switzerland Online Archive (hereinafter referred to as "SSOA") an association in the sense of the Swiss Civil Code is registered.

  2. SSOA has its registered office in Bern.

Art. 2 Purpose

  1. The purpose of SSOA is to collect, process and make available archival material and documentation of all kinds by and from Black people.

  2. SSOA is non-denominational and has no political affiliation.

2. Organization

Art. 3 Branches

The SSOA branches are:
a. the General Assembly;
b. the Executive Board;
c. the Auditing Department.

Art. 4 General Assembly

  1. The overarching body of SSOA is the General Assembly of Members, which takes place regularly once a year.

  2. The invitation to the General Assembly is issued by the Executive Board at least four weeks before the date or if ten percent of the members request an exceptional meeting.

  3. At least four weeks before the General Assembly, all members receive an agenda.

  4. Subject to Article 9, Paragraph 2, members' motions for additions to the agenda must be submitted to the Board of Directors at least one week before the General Meeting.


Art. 5 Board of Directors

  1. The Executive Board manages the current business according to the resolutions of the General Assembly and represents SSOA externally. The Executive Board is also responsible for the accounting.

  2. The Board is elected by the General Assembly and consists of a minimum of five and a maximum of ten members.

  3. The Board has a quorum when at least 50% of its members are present. Consensus is sought in decision-making. If consensus is not possible, the group decides by simple majority.

  4. Board meetings are open to all members.



3. Membership

Art. 6 Collective Members

  1. The entities may become collective members of SSOA: Organizations under Swiss or foreign law as well as other collectives that identify with the purpose of SSOA and are committed to implementing the goals of SSOA.

  2. The General Assembly decides on the admission of new collective members upon proposal of the board.

  3. The membership fee for collective members is at least 50 Swiss francs per year.

Art. 7 Individual Members

  1. Any individual who wishes to support the purpose and goals of SSOA may become a member of SSOA. The General Assembly decides on the admission of new members upon proposal of the board.

  2. An application for admission as an individual member is made by e-mail.

  3. The membership fee is voluntary for individual members. The member themself decides on the amount of the contribution.

4. Finances and Liability

Art. 8 Funds and Liability

  1. The financial resources of SSOA come from:
    a. Membership fees and donations;
    b. Sponsorships and project contributions;
    c. Donations and bequests.

  2. For the liabilities of SSOA, only the association's assets are liable.

5. Amendment of the Bylaws, Dissolution

Art. 9 Amendment of the Bylaws

  1. Amendments to the bylaws may be made by a two thirds majority of the General Assembly.

  2. Proposals to amend the bylaws must be received in writing by the Executive Committee at least 2 months prior to the General Assembly.

Art. 10 Dissolution of the Association

  1. SSOA can be dissolved if a proposal to this effect from a member is received in writing by the board at least five weeks prior to the General Assembly, or if the board has placed the dissolution on the agenda for the attention of the General Assembly.

  2. The dissolution of SSOA requires a majority of three fourths of all members who are in attendance and entitled to vote.

  3. After the dissolution has been decided, the General Assembly shall decide on the use of the assets by a simple majority vote.


Art 11 Final Provisions

  1. The above bylaws were approved at the founding meeting on October 01, 2020. They shall come into force immediately.

  2. The German version of these Articles of Association shall be considered the original text.


Bern, 01 October 2020

SSOA Board Members